Making Connections – Standardized method of Linking

Searching on TROVE
Searching based on these given parameters for the Trove website yielded no results. Other attempts did not work either when searching for Photographs

Searching for both Newspaper AND Pictures through the Trove API console
Search Query: q=The+Tribune&zone=newspaper,picture&encoding=json&n=20
Full Link:,picture&encoding=json&n=20
Red = the status of each particular zone
Blue = the results associated with the blue (the actual newspapers/pictures)
Photo of Picture results (in the Zone key identifier under name: Pictures)

Photo of Newspaper results (in the Zone key identifier under name:Pictures)

The questions given in this task where vague, ill justify my interpretation of the questions to this solution given above.
1. Investigate ways to identify photographs that where published in the Tribune
• there is no fully guaranteed way I thought of to give a result containing photo results 100% from The Tribune’s own articles. However I propose that querying based of off the “isPartOf” key identifier with “The Tribune” Could bring more consistent results.
• Ive concluded that I couldn’t find a possible way, but there may be other solutions that where not considered. If there are not, im assuming the way trove tags these database entries or the actual algorithm, are not as efficient as they could be when searching photographs
2. Develop a Standardized me

For the 3rd question

Adding comments and tags

Links to my search through:

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