Making Connections:

One of the tasks for the Making Connections group was to investigate ways of identifying photographs that were published in the Tribune.  

I started off by focussing on one event to narrow down the results, using key words to pin point a particular photo from the Tribune negative collection to the newspaper article results on Trove. The first key words I started with was Aboriginal Tent Embassy and 1972. From there I was able to search different events and years and match them to the Tribune’s negative collections.

Doing this enabled me to find certain photos that matched with ones being used in the articles, however, this was a lot more difficult than I thought as most of the photos used in the articles were cropped and due to the scanning quality, very heavily contrasted making it hard to decipher if it was a correct match.

At first, I thought it would be easy to also narrow down the search from year to month, however, that was also quite difficult. Even though some collections of photos were taken in January of 1972 as an example, they were not used until later on that same year or not used at all. After matching the negatives to the articles, I created a spreadsheet  Making Connections 1.0 which has the metadata about the collection of negatives, the linking process through Trove, using specific tags and also the metadata of the articles from Trove as well.


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