Tracing protesters steps through Sydney in March 1966

Another of the Knightlab’s products the Events team have tested is ‘Storymap JS’.  Loading a selection of photo’s from the State Library of NSW’s Tribune collection into the Storymap program, we can trace the route taken by protesters in March 1966 from the Sydney Opera House to the State Parliament of NSW, annotating the photos along the route to complete the story.

Protesters march from Sydney Opera House construction site to State Parliament

The first slide of the Storymap provides room for source references and an introduction to the story.  We included links back to the Tribune articles from the day on Trove, and the State Library’s catalogue, so that the full set of photography from the day is easily available.

Storymap JS sets out a guide of a maximum 20 photos for a storyline.  Aspects of the production can be modified in Storymap such as font, colours, mapping style, etc., however, we chose to replicate the visuals used by our Mapping team in their earlier post.

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