Making connections – photographs to articles

One of the tasks for our section of the class project was to develop a standardised method for linking descriptions/photographs to newspaper articles.

This method included:

  • Tagging
  • Within the comments section of Trove adding links to the Tribune collection and to the related photograph/article on Trove.
  • Two lists have been created to link the articles and photographs together on Trove.  Making Connections – 10154 (  ) links all the articles and photographs on Trove together. Making Connections – 10154 – Photographs ( ) links only the photographs together.

We have also created a table that connects the Tribune collection with the digitised photograph and articles in Trove. Table 2. Making connections is seperated into three different parts by colour. The yellow section is the metadata the article itself, the blue is the metadata for the Tribune negatives and the green forms connections between these collections.


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