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As part of the class project exploring the State Library of New South Wales Tribune Negatives Collection, we have been all about making connections.  Using Trove (as username MakingConnections10154) we have identified other photographic collections which overlap and connect to the Tribune collection through themes of activism, social and political movements, demonstrations and prominent individuals.  A spreadsheet (Table 1. Making connections) has been created to record the basic metadata of the collections we have discovered so far.  We have also used the identified themes of each collection to create tags within Trove as a way of making connections between these various collections.

Title: Item 064:  Tribune negatives including anti-Vietnam War protest, Tribune Fair, and demonstration outside Central Police Court, Sydney, New South Wales, October 1965.

Date:  1965

Institution:  State Library of New South Wales

Creator: Unknown

Collection: Part of Series 01: Negatives from the Tribune (Communist Party of Australia newspaper) featuring social and political movements 1964-1972.

Trove tags: protest movements, peace movements, political activism, demonstrations, social movements.


Acknowledgements:  Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy Tribune / SEARCH Foundation.

Title: Anti conscription demonstrations through Melbourne streets.

Date: 1966

Institution:  State Library of Victoria

Creator:  David Glenn

Collection:  Dalton collection

Trove tags: protest movements, peace movements, political activism, demonstrations, social movements.


Acknowledgements:  State Library of Victoria.

Title:  An elderly woman and a young child in a pusher, at a peace rally in Melbourne.

Date: 1960

Institution:  University of Melbourne Archives

Creator: Unknown

Collection:  Archives

Trove tags:  protest movements, demonstrations, social movements, peace movements, Communist party, Australian Socialists.


Acknowledgements: University of Melbourne Archives.

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